Custom Socks for You

We are a manufacturer of socks based in the heart of Europe, in Slovakia. We have been producing socks since 1997 and we use European materials, but the base fabric of our socks is our own polypropylene fiber PROLEN®, which we have been producing since 1974.

Why Choose Us?

For almost 50 years, PROLEN® has been used in thousands of brands all over the planet, especially in the sports and health industry, where it offers great functional properties. PROLEN® is very light, does not absorb moisture and has the fastest moisture transport of all natural and synthetic fibers. Thanks to its thermal insulation properties, it provides the wearer with an ideal temperature.

Unlike the production of other fibers, not a drop of water is used in the production of PROLEN®. PROLEN® is 100% recyclable, its production has a very low impact on the environment. PROLEN® is dyed in the mass, so the colors remain permanent, they do not wash into waste water, nor migrate to the skin, as is the case with other types of fibers, where non-certified colors can cause allergies and harm health.

PROLEN® can be enhanced with a permanent modification of silver or zinc, which gives the socks antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is a permanent modification, so it does not wash off, unlike antibacterial products modified on the surface. We can combine PROLEN® with other types of fibers such as combed cotton, merino wool, elastane, polyamide and others according to your wishes.