Custom Socks for You

We are a socks manufacturer located in the heart of Europe, Slovakia. Having produced socks since 1997, we use European materials, however, the primary substance of our socks is our own Prolen® polypropylene yarn which we have been producing since 1974. 

Why Choose Us? 

For almost 50 years Prolen® has been used in thousands of brands across the whole planet, mainly in sports and medical industries where it offers great functional properties. Prolen® is very light, it doesn´t absorb any moisture and has the quickest moisture transport of all natural and synthetic fibers. Thanks to thermal insulation properties, it provides ideal temperature to its wearer.

Unlike during the production of other fibers, not a single drop of water is used when making Prolen®. Prolen® is 100% recyclable, its production has a very low environmental impact. Prolen® is mass-dyed, i.e. the colours stay permanent, they don´t wash out to the wastewaters, nor do they migrate to skin as it is the case with other types of fibers whereby uncertified colours can cause allergies and harm your health.

Prolen® can be enhanced by a permanent silver or zinc modification which gives the socks antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is a permanent modification, i.e. it doesn´t wash out, unlike it is the case of surfaces treated antibacterial products. We can combine Prolen® with other types of yarns, such as combed cotton, merino wool, elastane, polyamide and others according to your wishes.